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Project Description


I’d been painting with oils and acrylics on canvases for a long time now.  After the art exhibition “Reflections of Care” in 2016  I was feeling confused by the direction I was going to.  I painted Off Kilter to help me get back into the creative space but the stresses life was throwing at me were still interfering with that.  I kept coming back to my old portfolio that I had brought back with me from England early on in 2016.  The drawings and pastels, some of which are shown here in the Attic.

I didn’t want to delve deeply into my feelings, I didn’t want to meditate.  I just wanted to draw what I loved, just like I did in the old days.  I looked at Oliver (Ollie) asleep on the sofa.  He made me so happy at times of stress.  I pulled out my old pencils and charcoals and drew him.  It afforded me such a place of peace at a time when I needed it most.

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