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Project Description


Golden Child – (Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas)

1010mm x 500mm

(Limited edition prints available)

What a scary place to be. Sitting on top of a pedestal with everyone looking up to you. Imagine being so small and so vulnerable, yet you have been placed up there on this pedestal. That is the Golden Child. The child who can do no wrong. This child knows she must win at everything she does. That’s what is expected of her. She mustn’t disappoint. She doesn’t get to play with other children her age, she’s told she is too good for them. She doesn’t know what it’s like to fail or learn from her mistakes because everything she does is perfect. People may think she is amazing but she doesn’t know what that means. All she knows is that being up there, so high up on that very tall pedestal, is a very frightening place to be.

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