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Project Description


Off Kilter (Oil on Canvas)

1020mm x 517mm

(Limited edition prints available)

It’s very hard to find that perfect balance in life between the physical world and the spiritual depths of our psyche. We are constantly being pulled between the two extremes.

We have work and chores and commitments which demand we remain in our ego. But in this physical world there is also so much joy to behold and so much to learn. However this is juxtaposed with stress and intense pressure to conform. We can lose our identity, creativity and ability to grow spiritually. It’s very easy to get stuck this way in the ego, never seeing an alternative way of being or thinking.

If we step away from that place for just a moment, we can refocus and get in touch with a deeper meaning to our existence and another dimension, far away from the hustle and bustle. In this place, however, we risk losing our footing of what is real, miss valuable lessons of living that are essential in helping us to grow. It’s easy to get lost in this place and become ungrounded. The sheer enormity of experiencing “just being” can become overpowering and overbearing.

It is a juggling act, a fine balance where we need to exist in both worlds equally to live to our fullest potential.

How easy is it to find that balance?

I was stuck in the physical world, busy with important work projects and family commitments. I was happy there for a while until I realised I’d lost the drive and passion for art or writing. I couldn’t even connect in with myself. I felt as though I was just drifting through life. I knew I had to push through this, redress the balance, but how? The answer wasn’t an easy one – I had to paint out my dilemma. Off Kilter was my way back to me.

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