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Project Description


Nothing – (Oil on Canvas)

910mm x 910mm

(Limited edition prints available)

There is nothing quite like being nothing …. Nothing like feeling you are a nothing

Nothing like speaking but hearing back nothing … Nothing like crying but hearing back nothing

Nothing like screaming but hearing back nothing .. Nothing like yelling at the Universe and getting back nothing

And in all the pain in all the world …… In all my deepest wishes, hopes and dreams

And for all my love for the beauty I see in the world .. I scream out to you from the top of my lungs

Hoping that one day I will be seen .. One day I will be heard … And one day you will heal my fragile heart

But all I get back is NOTHING


I think deeply. I feel deeply. I am bursting with passion, spirituality and ideas. I wish that everyone could see that in me. I wish I could share that with you. But I know you can only see me superficially. At times I think you see me as “a Nothing”. There have been times in my life that I did feel myself connecting and I could share my inner world. Then they would laugh and turn away. I’d feel very alone again. Deeply frustrated that everything I live for can never be known. That my very existence amounts to nothing. I remember when I was young, I sometimes wanted to run. Just run and run and keep on running, over streets and houses, across cityscapes and fields until I had found my personal mountain top where I could scream out to the Universe “look at me, I am here. I am not a Nothing”.


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