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Project Description


The Butterfly – (Mixed Media on Canvas)

610mm x 455mm

(Limited edition prints available)

“Fluttering here; Fluttering there; Onto a flower, Into the air; Brilliantly coloured in every hue – Orange & white, & deep sky blue.  Hovering over a cool, clear stream; Over meadows of Emerald Green; Folding its wings In dainty pose, The butterfly lights on a blushing rose.”

My Mum wrote this poem when she was 14. Her name back then was Gloria Aizen. It was included in the school magazine for Raines School for Girls published in July 1948.

When we were sitting Shiva for my mum I was asked to recite the poem to the congregation who had gathered for prayers.

After arriving back to Sydney, I would sit on our deck everyday, looking out over the garden, reflecting. Lots of butterflies would flitter and flutter around the garden. I wondered if Mum was sending them to me.

I kept noticing a big black butterfly among them but dismissed it.

One day that butterfly actually flew onto our covered deck and fluttered round and round my head. It was big and dark and startled me a little. Then it settled on the Camellia Tree next to me and spread out it’s wings. I studied it. Why wouldn’t it fly away? My interest was peaked and I photographed it. I noticed it wasn’t black at all. It was brown and white with magnificent flecks of iridescent orange and blue. It was an Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly.

I decided I wouldn’t leave my spot until the butterfly had flown away. I was there several hours and it got dark. Eventually I went to bed – the butterfly still sitting on that leaf. It was gone by day break. Later I re-read this poem and got chills “ Brilliantly coloured with every hue – Orange and white and deep sky blue”. There is beauty all around us. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes we have to look a little closer to find it. Hi Mum and thanks for the message!

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