The Butterfly


"Fluttering here; Fluttering there; Onto a flower, Into the air; Brilliantly coloured in every hue - Orange & white, & deep sky blue.  Hovering over a cool, clear stream; Over meadows of Emerald Green; Folding its wings In dainty pose, The butterfly lights on a blushing rose."Read More

Golden Child


What a scary place to be. Sitting on top of a pedestal with everyone looking up to you. Imagine being so small and so vulnerable, yet you have been placed up there on this pedestal. That is the Golden Child. The child who can do no wrong. Read More

Not Enough


The dancer had performed as best she could. The audience cheered. She received flowers and applause. The performance is over and everyone has gone home. Why is she so sad? Because no matter how much she dances, how much she puts in, ... Read More